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The Redeemer as a thank you.

This novella is the story about Sir Richard, an English knight who finds himself taking the cross and fighting alongside Richard the Lionheart on crusade. Find out why he did not return to England with his king and why he remained as a Templar for so long in the Holy Land. It is a story of faith, deceit and redemption as Sir Richard navigates a perilous path marked by his unyielding vow to serve his king and country. Discover the depths of one man's unwavering commitment as he pursues a divine mission against all odds.

The Redeemer. Free Novella for subscribers

​The Redeemer features one of the characters in The Hidden Truths Saga which will be released soon.

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The Hidden Truths Saga

The Adulterer

Prequel of The Hidden Truths Saga

The Adulterer. Prequel in The Hidden Truths Saga

In the treacherous landscape of 12th century Jerusalem, a gifted silk weaver holds secrets that could unravel her chance at true love.

When Aamina is called upon to craft her renowned purple Tyrian silk at the formidable Kerak Castle, she anticipates trading only in cloth. But a valiant Knight’s daring rescue sets her heart ablaze, leading to a forbidden romance that threatens to expose her perilous past.

With spies of the relentless Reynald de Chatillon lurking at every turn, Aamina and  must navigate a maze of secrets and betrayals to safeguard her love from certain ruin. Will they elude the clutches of danger? Or will the flames of passion be extinguished by the shadows of deceit?


Amidst a tapestry of political machinations and clandestine desires, one woman dares to gamble everything for the promise of happiness in a realm where love is the ultimate act of defiance.

Available in Summer 2024

The Seeker

Book one of The Hidden Truths Saga.

Plain Book for The Seeker, with sticker saying cover to be revealed.

Cover to be



In the bustling streets of 13th-century Constantinople, Deanda possesses a unique gift - the ability to unveil hidden truths that stir the fabric of reality. Emperor Alexius III, hungry for power, exploits Deanda's visions to weave a web of deceit, spreading false propaganda about the impending invasion as Crusader forces loom on the horizon.

Across distant lands, King John of England grapples with the loss of his French lands and seeks divine intervention to salvage his kingdom from ruination. As fate weaves its intricate threads, the collaboration of Deanda and King John is inevitable.

Enter a world where prophecies hold sway and destinies intertwine. Join Deanda, the enigmatic prophet; a battle-hardened Crusader haunted by past visions; and King John on a journey where political powers collide, nations teeter on the brink, and the future of the Kingdom hangs in a delicate balance. Get ready for a historical adventure unlike any other, where intrigue, betrayal, and untold secrets shape the path to an uncertain destiny.

Coming 2024..

The Avenger

Book 2 of The Hidden Truths Saga

The Avenger Book 2 in the Hidden Truths Saga

In the shadows of 13th century England, Deanda possesses a rare gift - the ability to unveil truths in a land where deception reigns supreme. As she steps into the glittering court of King John, she stumbles upon her estranged father, Sir William Marshal, a legendary knight feared by many. However, the king views Marshal's presence as a dire threat to his rule.

Caught in a treacherous web of betrayal and manipulation, Deanda finds herself at a crossroads unlike any other. King John, cunning and relentless, strikes a malevolent bargain with her – use her gift to bring down Sir William Marshal and the king regain his lost lands, or face dire consequences.

As the fate of a nation hangs in the balance, Deanda must make a choice that will echo through the annals of history. Will she speak the truth and alter the course of kingdoms or succumb to falsehoods that guarantee survival at the cost of her father's downfall?

Explore a world where loyalty is tested, secrets lurk in every shadow, and one woman holds the key to shaping destiny itself. Embark on a riveting journey through a captivating medieval tale where honour clashes with ambition, and the line between right and wrong blurs in the face of power and revenge.

Date tba

In a tumultuous era, embark on an exhilarating journey alongside our fearless heroines as they traverse the Holy Land,  Constantinople, England and Ireland against the dramatic backdrop of the Crusades and the turbulent reign of King John. From the formidable Kerak Fortress, the heart-wrenching fall of Constantinople, the Battle of Offaly, to the signing of the Magna Carta, the Barons revolt and beyond. An enthralling tale unfolds weaving together the lives of our extraordinary heroines blessed with the gift of foresight as their intertwined fates carve an indelible mark on the tapestry of history.

Whispers of their prophecies reverberate through the dark corridors of power, each word carrying a weight that could shift the tides of fate. Amidst treacherous alliances and forbidden love, those gifted with the ability to see hidden truths bear the heavy burden of responsibility - for themselves and for those who seek their guidance. The weight of their gift threatens to crush them, but they must endure in order to protect and steer those around them.

Amidst swirling intrigue, treacherous plots, unforgivable betrayals, smoldering passion, forbidden love, and family bonds, these formidable women forge ahead navigating a landscape fraught with danger, temptation and adventure. 

Brace yourself for a thrilling saga filled with courage, desire, and the unyielding hand of destiny.

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