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Saskia is a historical fiction author focusing on the Medieval era. During Covid, she had time to take stock of her life and seize the opportunity to write, fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Her first novel in the Truthsayer Saga is The Avenger. 

The prequel, The Adulterer, is coming soon. 

Saskia can also pinpoint exactly when she knew she truly wanted to write.

She was only a young girl when her mother took her to London’s Leicester Square to watch Gone with the Wind. She recalls the enormous screen, the plush red velvet seats, and the usherettes selling small tubs of vanilla ice cream. She watched, enthralled as the captivating story unfolded in front of her. Afterwards, her mother told her the story was based on a novel, so as soon as she could, she devoured that story, and the passion for historical fiction was ignited within her. 

Besides her professional bookkeeping skills, Saskia has written stories and studied creative writing. However, while studying for her law degree, she elected to do a module on the history of the English legal system. The lesson showed her that it had its roots with the Feudal barons, the Magna Carta, and King John—which blew her mind, cementing her love for this era. 

Saskia lives and works at her home in Danbury, Essex. She has three incredible sons, a DIY loving husband, a border collie called Rocket, and two fat cats. When Saskia is not writing, she is walking Rocket in the ancient woodland surrounding her home, giving her inspiration and ideas for her next novels. Or she is out  having fun with her friends, enjoying a glass or two of prosecco.

Saskia hopes to bring stories that will entertain her readers. She strives to offer an easy but immersive read that portrays different relationships in a medieval setting. Her stories follow the timeline of actual events. True life characters are portrayed as they are found in history textbooks, but then are interwoven with fictional characters. Saskia’s desire is that she brings that part of history to life for her readers, encouraging them to read more. 

Saskia would love to hear from you, so do say hello either on social media, or by email. Or why not join her mailing list to find out about snippets of Medieval life, plus news of giveaways, book recommendations, and so much more.


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